Born in 1996 in Jbeil, Lebanon, since I was little I had the opportunity to travel a lot and to explore the world.
My name is Matteo, and I currently live in Verona, Italy.
I started playing with videos in Lebanon, with my father’s camera, and then developed this little passion in Italy (after moving in 2006), where I was luky enough to know great people that work in this creative sector.
I currently study communication and graphic design and I create unique travel experience videos, with hyperlapse and timelapse techniques, to communicate the culture and the travel experience in a very engaging way.
I love to travel and produce content for my YouTube channel, and I also create videos for other people, as music videoclips, corporate and more.
All the videos I create are uploaded on my YouTube channel, to reach directly all those people who love fresh and creative videos.

Take a look at my work, and follow me on my Instagram or Facebook page.