Italia’s Got Talent Experience

This year, thanks to the universiy that I attend, I had the opportunity to assist to the video recording of the famous program Italia’s Got Talent.

The days before the event I was really exited, becuase it was the first time in my entire life that I had the chance to see how a TV show was made and observe all the technical aspect behind such an important production.

So let’s start.

Monday, 19 October. I took the train ad arrived in Vicenza. It was almost 1 pm and normally it’s time to eat but the queue in front of the theatre forced me to wait. After two hours (yes, two hours) of queue we finally entered in the theatre, and after taking our reserved seats my first thought was to eat. 3€, a sandwich and I’m ok.
When I returned to my seat I started observing the giant theatre in which the show was going to start.
The technical support was insane! There where 9 cameras all around the stage, and other 3/4 cameras (including Canon C300, Canon 5D mark 3) that where recording the judges. The second thing that was really awesome was the gigantic crane (approximately 9 meters!) that every 5 minutes was flying upon our heads. And finally, but not least important, was the audio sector: all the theatre was filled with high-quality microphones, including the entire stage.
The technical aspect is the one that impressed me mostly, because, by being a filmmaker, I’m aware of the cost and all the efforts behind a video production, in particular this one.
Some of the exibitions were really incredible, even better than how they seem in TV, others worst, and really boring. The work behind every of these exibition is enormous, for the talents either the TV production.
The recording finally ended at 8.30 pm, and it was time for me to return home, full of new inspiration and aware that to obtain results from the work you do, you need to work really hard!

Unfortunately I can’t insert images, because in the theatre it wasn’t allowed to take photos or videos.

Thank you for reading, see you with the next post!