My bucket list

Have you ever feeled like you need to reach your goals or more simply your dreams?

Well, this list will be something that keeps my mind focused on these goals, trying with all my efforts to accomplish these dreams!

 Make a travel “on the road” for at least 1 month, in a custom van

✗ Travel to Dubai

✗ Meet Rob Whitworth, my greatest inspirator in Time Lapse photography

✗ See one of my videos at the cinema

Appear in television (march 2016, Italia’s Got Talent)

✗ Do skydiving (preferably in Dubai)

✗ Meet Casey Niestat

✗ See one of my videos going viral

✗ Work for an international brand

✗ See the aurora borealis

✗ Visit New York and play basket in a street playground

✗ Give 100€ to a homeless

✗ Help somewone to realise his dream

✗ Travel for a long time with only one person by my side

✗ Eat sushi in Tokyo

✗ Visit the Ghibli studio in Japan

✗ Enter a YouTube space in Europe

✗ Visit Santorini

✗ Work as a freelance filmmaker for more than 1 year

✗ Visit every country on the world

✗ Meet Jacksgap (Jack Harries), one the Youtubers that have mostly inspired my works

✗ Visit Greenland

✗ Visit Iceland

 Travel on a military ship (june 2006, Lebanon)

✗ Explore Macchu Picchu in Perù

✗ Live on a boat at least 1 month

✗ Visit google plex and google offices in USA

✗ Make bungee jumping